hiGİ Hakkında

Herkes için Girişimcilik ve İnovasyon Derneği
Entrepreneurship and Innovation for all

Vision (ideal world)

We encourage entrepreneurship through innovative ideas and through tech innovation creating value to society, fueled by a vision for how to make the world a better place.

Mission Statement (activities)

HİGİ will organise or be part of projects that encourage entrepreneurship based on innovation and real needs. A holistic approach will be envisioned by encompassing arts, crafts and technology.


İnitiatives will be based on local challenges with an extra focus on Women, Youth and Employment through workshops, local and international projects, hand in hand with government institutions, businesses, high schools and universities.


We strongly believe and put emphasis on the Impact Economy carried by the Sustainable Development Goals.HİGİ will cover as primary markets Agriculture, Smart Cities, Mobility and Energy. Thanks to a team of specialists and a vast network HİGİ aims to have a positive and sustainable impact on youth and employment with an extra focus on women equality.

What and How

Organise or be part of:

  • Community Building
  • Exchange Platform, on and offline
  • Meetups
  • Workshops
  • Festivals
  • Exchange programs with foreign organisations